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The Rebirth of ModVilla: A Journey Woven with Threads of Passion and Perseverance

Sometimes, life comes full circle, bringing you back to where you began but offering you a canvas to create something new. ModVilla was initially conceptualized in the bustling, vibrant streets of Mumbai in 2014, weaving together various wall hangings and decor items from artisans spread across the vivid landscape of India. Those initial years, while filled with enthusiasm and creativity, eventually gave way to life's myriad twists and turns. The brand ebbed away into silence, the domain was lost, social media handles faded, and ModVilla became a cherished memory, encapsulated in time.

Fast forward to 2020, a new chapter unfolded. After getting married and moving to Delhi, the dormant seeds of creativity and craftsmanship within me found new soil, nurtured by my husband, Sparsh Gupta, who discerned the flickering flame of passion and encouraged it to blaze once more. Thus, began a period of exploration, experimentation, and evolution in a small room of our flat, which transformed into a workshop where ideas took tangible forms.

Discovering the Essence of ModVilla

Navigating through various materials, colors, and designs, days morphed into nights seamlessly as I shaped, shattered, and reformed creations, capturing their essence through photographs and evaluating their resonance with my envisioned concept. After nine months and burning a lot of our personal savings, the core upon which the new ModVilla would be built was found.

The brand name from 2014 whispered from the past, finding its place once again in our conversations and thoughts. This time, though, ModVilla was not just a collection but a creation, with a focus on manufacturing and crafting bespoke pieces that whispered tales of luxury and customization.

Filling a Void in the Market

During my tenure in the realm of furniture design, particularly through experiences garnered in Milan and Dubai, a subtle gap in the market became increasingly apparent. Homeowners relished customizing layouts, furniture, colors, and themes, yet, when it came to accessories, they often settled for standardized pieces. ModVilla blossomed into a solution, offering customizable home decor accessories, intricately intertwining personalized aesthetics with functional artistry.

A Tapestry of Struggles and Triumphs

Upon relaunching, ModVilla introduced an array of individual, handcrafted items, from coasters and trinket boxes to trays and donut vases, each piece shaped by my hands within the walls of our home, with every pour, mix, and demould lovingly assisted by my husband and in-laws.

The first Instagram post unfurled on Sept 7, 2021, and just a week later, with promotional nudges, ModVilla embraced its first order. Garima from Bangalore became our first customer, and the day blossomed with additional orders from Raipur, Pune, and Berhampur, infusing us with the conviction that this embryonic idea had the wings to soar.

A Journey Across Borders and Beyond

The journey from studying Industrial Design at Domus Academy in Milan in 2010, crafting within the dynamic environments of Danube Home and Landmark Group in Dubai, to nurturing ModVilla into its current existence in Delhi, has been nothing short of a serendipitous adventure.

ModVilla is not merely a brand; it's a narrative, a culmination of experiences, experiments, and evolution. It is a testament to the beauty that can be crafted when passion, perseverance, and creativity intertwine, and a tribute to every hand that has helped mold it into reality.

As you embellish your spaces with ModVilla's creations, remember that each piece is not just a product but a fragment of a journey, a whisper of a story, and a melody of many hands and hearts that have lovingly crafted it into existence.

Thank You for Being a Part of Our Story

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